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1882 District Support

Implementation of SB 1882 requires districts to change the way in which they do business.  We provide support to districts to help them with best practices on authorizing and the change management process. Our menu of services include:

Board Policy

  • Support for senior leadership to examine and adopt board policy that would allow the board to authorize partnerships.

Grant Application

  • Writing of TEA grants that allow funding for district partnerships and 1992 benefits including start-up grants and the fit tool

Call for Quality Schools

  • Preparation and support with application creation, rubric development and process for launching a call

  • Working to recruit high quality partners to work with the district

Student Based Budgeting

  • Developing a menu of services in partnership with the district's financial team in order to create financial autonomy for schools that are in partnership

Cpacity Interviews

  • Hosting and organizing community members and the district leadership to support in the interviewing of nonprofit organizations.

Monitoring Visits

  • Scheduling the process and timeline for required monitoring and accountability visits and tools that must be submitted to TEA

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